Planetary Pod Racing Logo

Build your planet

Race your pod

Conquer the multiverse

Scavenge for powerful new items, resources, and abilities

The multiverse is full of surprises. Explore each planet to uncover their unique buried treasures. Lucky racers will find CHIPPs for activating powerful in-race abilities, QUID for entering new events and purchasing new items, and mysterious items that could be the key to unlocking the fastest Planetary Pod in existence.

Prove your racing skills and knowledge in universal Trials

Out of fuel? No need to travel across the expansiveness of outer space in order prove you are the best. Racers will enter Trials from anywhere in the multiverse and earn prizes for dominating competition from one wormhole to the next.

Dominate the planet locals in 8 player Skirmishes

Each planet is unique. They have their own tracks, resources, weather, and people. Racers will learn the ins and out of each planet to crush the local competition and become a legend. Proceed with caution: The more you win, the larger the target you are for challengers.

Battle against your friends in multiplayer Races

Teaming up with your friends to conquer the cosmos feels great, but dominating them in head to head races feels even better. Put your QUID where your mouth is. The more racers that join, the better the payout.