There are many ways to play Planetary Pod Racing (PP Racing for short). Most people may play it casually, simply upgrading their Stats, picking whatever they like best whether that's Top Speed or Acceleration, Handling or Durability, or even just overall total points. None of these ways is wrong. The best way to play PP Racing is to do whatever you find the most enjoyable with the time you have. This blog post, however, is for those people who like the min max experience. People who enjoy the mechanics of games and pushing themselves to the limit. The People who want to have the biggest fastest PP on the block, on any track, in any scenario. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or you've been playing for a while today we're here to help you make the most of the PP you've got. Let's get started!

Getting Started

There are several different types of races, we call actions, you can participate in with PP Racing: Skirmishes, Duels, Trials, and more. But at the core, they all have the same foundation. You select the Pod you'd like to enter into the race, (for all actions besides Trials this will be a Pod you own from your Garage) then you either select or are told the type of Race Track you'll be racing on, and then you race! Because PP Racing is a simulation game, the whole race is run automatically and you receive the results instantly. Because of this, knowing what type of Race Tracks and Actions your Pod excels at are the best way to guarantee that you'll have the most favorable outcome possible! There are three things that actually affect how well your PP will perform during any race: The Track, your Stats, and your CHIPPs. In this blog we're going to be going over Stats.

Every Pod you get, whether it's the starter Pod from registering, a Pod from a special Capsule, or a white SLIPP you found Scavenging, has the same 5 basic stats:

-- Top Speed

  • Affects the Speed Points you can get on certain track sections.

-- Acceleration

  • Affects the Speed Points you can get on certain track sections.

-- Handling

  • Affects How likely you are to Spin Out.

-- Durability

  • Affects how much damage you can take before your Pod is destroyed.

-- Boost

  • Affects how likely you are to receive a boost to your Speed Points.

Top Speed and Acceleration

Top Speed and Acceleration are the two primary stats when it comes to PP Racing. The way that a race works is each track is broken up into sections (we'll go more in depth into tracks and sections in another blog). Each section every pod receives a number of 'Speed Points'. These Speed Points are based on either your Top Speed or Acceleration and the track. The higher your Top Speed and Acceleration are, the more Speed Points you'll be able to receive per section of the track!

Handling, Durability, and Boost

There are 3 different events that can happen during a race: Spinning Out, Taking Damage, and Boosting. The higher your Handling Stats is, the less likely you are to Spin Out. Spinning out greatly reduces the number of Speed Points you receive. Durability is the amount of damage that you can take on your pod before it's destroyed. If your Durability reaches zero your Pod will be destroyed permanently. The higher Boost stat is, the more likely you are to trigger the boost event. Boosting will greatly increase the number of Speed Points you receive!

Hopefully now you know a little more about Pod Stats, PP Racing, and how to win! Keep an eye out for other blog posts in our Racing Basic Strategy series if you're interested in learning more about how to optimize your PP and become the greatest racer in the Universe! If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Join the discussion on discord.

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