Planetary Pod Racing (PP Racing) is a racing simulation game built specifically for Discord. It is the first Discord Bot to integrate Discord Servers as a main section of the game play. Each server registers to become a planet.

> More activity on your planet --> more money for the planet.

The planet spends their money upgrading shops, tracks, resources. The more upgrades your planet has, the more likely it is to attract players.

Players are on the never ending quest to create the fastest pod in the multiverse. On their quest, they are encouraged to travel to different planets in order to acquire rare abilities, consumables and items. On each planet, the player can race against the unique local NPCs, scavenge for treasure, or challenge other players to races on the Planet's custom built tracks.

Through activities on these planets, players will acquire better and better pods. Some may even earn the right to race a Planetary Pod. Planetary Pods are rare pre-built pods with abilities no one else in the multiverse can claim. Because there are limited number of these pods in existence, they are very valuable. Only a few dedicated and lucky players will be able to claim ownership. Will you be one of them?

The Planet

Each planet in the multiverse comes with its own unique characteristics that set it apart from the other planets. Although the racers, tracks, and buildings may change, these characteristics of the planet stay the same unless there is some major terraforming event.... Like an asteroid... But how often does that really happen?

-- Name I mean. What are you supposed to call it?

-- Resources What sort of precious items exist here for me to take?

-- Weather What conditions should I expect to race in?

Regardless of their natural characteristics, each planet can spend in-game currency (QUID) on a number of things to attract and retain new Planetary Pod Racers. The more racers use those things, the more QUID the planet earns. Buildings can then be upgraded, new buildings can be built, and unique bonuses can be bought.

Savvy planet admins should always be listening to what their racers want and upgrade accordingly.

Happy racers = more activity = more QUID.

A well built planet is a great way to attract new people to your Discord server.

The Pod

Yes, yes, planet's are cool. But you can't race planets.... can you? Pods are what racers collect and use to compete with. Each pod has 5 stats that effect how it performs on each track.

-- Top Speed

Top Speed dictates how fast your pod can go on open and straight track sections

-- Acceleration

Acceleration dictates how fast your pod can go on turn and danger track sections

-- Durability

Durability is the amount of damage your pod can take until it can no longer continue the race

-- Handling

Handling effects the chance to spin, which causes your pod to lose some speed.

-- Boost

Boost effects the chance to boost, which causes your pod to gain additional speed.

In order to be a champion PP Racer, you must have pods that can conquer all different types of tracks and weather patterns. Learning what stats do best in what conditions is critical to your success in races.

Higher level pods have the option to be customized further with CHIPPs. CHIPPs are software programs that can be installed onto pods to give it unique abilities and effects.

We'll go into CHIPPs more later!

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Join the discussion on discord.

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